Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Meet Sunday!

It looks like Sunday is the preference for most to meet for the book club. So we're going to meet at 11 a.m. EST this Sunday, January 31st. Additionally, let's read Chapters 1-4. After reading the first two chapters, I think we can need a bit more content to discuss.

See you Sunday! Questions/comments? Leave them here :)


  1. 11am Sunday is a good time, for those who are still awake. Unfortunately, I'll be out like a rock by that time b/c it would be midnight here. I'll just leave my comments on the first 4 chapters here, just like you said. :)

    Once I get around to reading the additional two chapters.


  2. Hi. Me again. As I have mentioned before, I cannot make it to the meeting this week and the next to come, so sorry for that. I'll just leave my opinion here, if that is alright with you :)

    Chapters 1-2 give a very interesting introduction to the character of George and it puts some emphasis on how naive he is due to his lack of wealth. He seemed like a well-rounded gentleman which would explain why it was mentioned in Chapter 3 that he had numerous love affairs.

    Chapter 3 still shows some of his innocence and sincerity and modesty. Then in Chapter 4, his character did a complete 180 and became quite arrogant if I may say so myself. He started thinking too highly of himself and overestimated the skills that he did not even possess, but were possessed by Madame Forestier. Then he became even more pigheaded after he slept with Rachel a second time. And when I read that his second article was refused and he wrote it again and again and again, to no avail, all I actually thought was "serves him right".

    I know that things are just about to get worse, but I am liking the book so far and learned something valuable from it:

    Complacency takes away the things you thought you had and makes you realize that you didn't have them in the first place.

    Until next week, xo,