Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ready…set…Water for Elephants!

You guessed it – we’re beginning to read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. As you know, Robert Pattinson is going to star in the film adaption alongside Reese Witherspoon and Christoph Waltz. I’ve heard just amazing things about the book as well as the script. So let’s get started. We’re going to begin by reading chapters 1-4 and have our first meeting via chat room, Saturday, April 3rd at 11 am EST. The link to the chat room is on the left side of the blog. The discussion usually lasts a few hours and afterwards I’ll post a summary of our chat right here on the blog.

Feel free to leave comments on the blog while you read and check back frequently for any updates. Also, don’t forget to follow this blog and if you need to reach me, follow me on Twitter @Krystle_ewe.


  1. Darn I'll be at work, but I'll check in when I get home. :)


  2. Hi. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this Saturday. :(( But like before, I'll be posting my opinion on the first four chapters here. :)

    The character of Jacob in the first chapter was hilarious in a weird kind of way. You could totally understand why he was so grumpy, I would be too if I was stuck in a retirement home. The "old coot" thing was definite win. Personally, I thought that they were getting Sean Penn for that, that's why they said he was cast. I'm not so sure right now, though. I think he'd make a good Old Jacob though.

    The first page of Chapter 2 made me bust a gut laughing because I found a lot of little gems there that I could easily relate to Twilight. Like Catherine HALE, then, the main character's name is JACOB, then his roommate's name was EDWARD. Coincidence? I think so. Anyway, you were able to make an emotional connection with Jacob in the second chapter because of the loss of his parents and the realization that his father took payment in form of beans and eggs (which is really weird, in my opinion). Then the whole jumping the train and Blackie business, in my personal view, was the start of the story, the real beginning. Since this is a story in which the central plot takes place in the circus, the beginning would start as soon as that show is mentioned, right? Or is that just me? Oh well...

    Chapter 3 was comical in a way and confusing since they kept on saying "they're called this but don't call them that to their faces" or something like that. The part wherein Jacob breaks up a fight is kind of cool and I'd really like to see them put that to screen, though I have my doubts already that they will. Still, it'd be cool to see Rob do that, right? :D Now, as for the scene with regards to Barbara, I already know they're putting that to screen, which makes me think about what rating this movie would be getting. I made a friend of mine read the scene (and mind you this friend is one of the most horny fuckers I know) and the first thing he said was "I like this book!" because of the Barbara scene. He also made a joke that Pam Anderson should be Barbara since she's got her...assets and they well with the description of Barbara. LOL

    Now, as for Chapter 4, Jacob's first meeting of August was also one of the important parts because it was the first time Marlena was mentioned. She was only described in Chapter 3 as a beautiful girl with a resemblance to Catherine, so to put a name to her description was a good thing. I think Christoph Waltz would make a good August. Also the part with Kinko and the dog (I think her name was Queenie, but this tidbit is based on the script already and not the book) was cool.

    Overall, I think this would really translate to screen excellently and I'd definitely go to see it, regardless of who the cast was. Though I must admit that the involvement of Robert Pattinson magnified my interest for this movie tenfold. :D

    Also, I happen to know for a fact that there will be a shirtless scene involving Rob again and a possible naked scene. Oh, and I think there's a cross-dress scene as a prank to Jacob. But the last two I mentioned, I'm not a hundred percent sure of them yet. The only one I can faintly promise is the shirtless scene.

    I'm currently reading the next chapters, hopefully I'll make it to the meeting next time. But if I don't, I'll be doing the same thing I did this week. :)

    Until next time,

  3. I want to join. I went to my local library to get it. They onlu had it in Dutch and not english (sad panda)
    What time is 11.00 am for me here in Holland? I am trying to use this but i don't understand it. Plse help

  4. Hi Natasha - I believe that would be 5pm in Holland. (see
    Hope you can make it! :)

  5. TomStu should have been cast as one of the little people.. he would have been fab!