Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Club to Meet Sunday 4/11

The book club will meet this Sunday, April 11th at noon EST to discuss chapters 5-8 of Water for Elephants. If you can't make it to every meeting, don't sweat it. We'd love to have you join in whenever you can. And if you've just heard about the book club and want to join us, please do. :) See ya Sunday!

Who remembers The Elephant Show? Awesome, huh?

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  1. Hi. Deeply sorry I won't be able to make the meeting again this week. But I have this baptism I have to go to early Monday, so I can't stay up until 1am. :(

    Anyway, just like last week, I'll be commenting. :)

    Chapter 5:
    Old Jacob didn't strike me one bit as depressed. I think the doctors & nurses in the shelter were just plain unfair and no one should be subject to that kind of treatment. Is is so wrong to give someone who is on his last few years of life the things he wants?
    I don't believe so.

    Chapter 6:
    If this chapter is transposed from book to movie, I would die a happy woman, seriously. I mean, shirtless AND wet? And mind you he'll take off his shirt TWICE in this chapter. And in consecutive times, too. SCORE!!!! XD I love this book.
    The hilarious bit in this chapter was the part about the eight-pagers. For a more modern term, they're like a comic porno, right? So, why only eight pages? And did the women have an equivalent of these because it seems to me only the men used the eight-pagers. They crack me up. I mean, who uses Olive Oyl to get off, right?
    One more little thing I saw in this chapter, Kinko (or should I say Walter) is striking me as a guy who's, for some unknown reason, angry at the world. I mean, sure, if I had his job, I would be a bit ticked, too, but not as much as him. Though I completely understand him getting pissed because August constantly disregards him and makes his favor for Jacob very much evident, it doesn't give him a reason to take that anger and concentrate it on Jacob.

    Chapter 7:
    The fact that August didn't mention what they fed to the cats was enough of an implication that Silver Star was demoted from being the star of the show to being cat food.
    This chapter was by far the most emotional and disturbing one I've read. But I have this nagging feeling that the emotional trauma's just about to begin...

    Chapter 8:
    I felt empathetic for Old Jacob because of his life in which every new day almost seems more like a curse to him rather than a gift. I would feel the same if I lost the one person I would only love in my life and be forced to live the rest of my life as if it was a damnation, watching my own kids grow old, develop terminal illnesses and turning their backs on me.
    The only part that brought at least a bit of comical relief was the mention of his thing going uppity in the shower. Though that part would surely be disturbing if they transposed THAT from book to screen.

    Until next week (hopefully, I can make it to that meeting),
    Aurora xo