Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Murdered by Elephant

The book club met Sunday to wrap up our discussions on Water for Elephants. Dizzy, Kiva, Mo, Natasha, Aurora and myself were in attendance to discuss the final chapters.

AlohaSD: So WFE, I thought that was an uplifting ending, however implausible.
Kiva: Very sweet ending
Krystle: I thought it was sweet since you thought the book was going to end sadly and it didn't :)
AlohaSD: How nice was the circus owner!
Krystle: "Wouldn't he be better off at home," says the officer. "This is home."
AlohaSD: Okay, loved that Rosie was the one who offed August.
Krystle: YES!!!! Nice surprise twist. Didn't see that coming. Delightful
Kiva: Nothing like a murderous elephant. LOVED it
Krystle: Looking back, the author foreshadowed that with Rosie being a lemonade thief. (removing her stake)

Our Chatzy chat room decided to majorly fail on us during the middle of such an important discussion. We reconvened using a different chat service…

Kiva: Where were we? Murder by Elephant
Krystle: I really thought Marlena murdered August at the beginning. Author was sneaky!
Alohasd9607: Poor August, getting trampled to death. NOT.
Dizzy: I loved it. Speaking of running away - he did it in the beginning and the end.
Krystle: Good point Dizzy!!!!! He came full circle.

Kiva: Man, I loved him crawling across the train roofs. So Ninja.
Dizzy: Superman! I really want to see the train roof scene.
Krystle: He's drunk and had a head injury! WTF Jacob?
Kiva: I kept thinking Rob will need a stunt man.
dizzy: LOL wires and harness...
Alohasd9607: Definitely a stunt man. I don't trust Rob. :(

The book club absolutely enjoyed reading Water for Elephants and cannot wait to see the movie adaptation. I know...we're going to have to be quite patient since filming hasn't even begun. ;) Thanks to everyone who joined in on our Sunday chats to discuss the book. I had an awesome time. I'll be putting up a poll shortly to vote on which book to read next. Stay tuned!

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