Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Step right up....

The book club got together Sunday to discuss chapters 5-8 of Water for Elephants with the following call signs in attendance: AlohaSD, Amoca, Dizzy, Carolamex, Kiva, jordan_omc, Dear_Rob, Sparks, Natasha and Krystle.

You couldn’t make it? Well, it was full of magical moments including talk of: Poor Silver Star… little people like porn too…and young Jacob is definitely knocking someone up soon….we did the math. Here’s the cliff notes version…


Jacob finds out the show’s liberty horse Silver Star’s in poor health and she begins to deteriorate fast. Marlena is devastated. Jacob ends up having to shoot the horse to end the poor animal’s suffering. The circus is short on meat so August so thoughtfully feeds Silver Star to the cats.

“Damn , August.” I say. “I almost forgot. The cats haven’t eaten. We had to dump their meat.”
“It’s all right, my boy,” he says. “It’s all been taken care of.”
I stop in my tracks
“August? What do you mean it’s all been taken care of?”

That August is sure a softy!

Well Blow Me Down…
Jacob and his roommate Kinko are still off to rough beginnings and Jacob walking in on him during some personal time is the most awkward bit in the book so far.

Krystle: Every time I read something scandalous, I think, will this be in the movie?
Sparks_: Who else laughed when Kinko was caught....er...with it in his hand? Lmao
Krystle: omg. I died...absolutely died Sparks
Dear_Rob: totally laughed and was a bit horrified
Kiva: OME Sparks, it continues to surprise me.
dizzy: yeah that was funny poor guy
Krystle: Midget masturbation....
Kiva: was this to the Olive Oil cartoon?
Dear_Rob: was it Popeye and Olive Oyl porn
Kiva: Anyone have someone in mind for that role?
Krystle: I don't know that many midgets....
Amoca: that will not be in the movie

The book keeps flashing back and forth between circus time and gramps time and something grabs our attention…

Krystle: so did anyone pick up on how old his oldest child was???? 70. So that means Jacob is going to father a child VERY soon in the book.
Amoca: I pondered the time frame and wondered how he would have a 70-year-old, you know counting on my fingers
AlohaSD: Holy shit! Jacob has a son soon? You guys are Nancy Drews!

We make a submission to Urban Dictionary…
he has 5 damn kids. Lots of action.
Kiva: Rob is a blut
Kiva: slut
Carolamex: ahhhh I was wondering what is a blut?
Kiva: Ambien hasn't worn off
dizzy: a boy slut?
AlohaSD: I think you've just coined a new term! Boy slut = blut!
dizzy: Kiva's translation...where's urban dic??

And we reminisce over Barbara and her boobs …
Carolamex: who is Barbara????
Krystle: Carola! Booby Barbara!
dizzy: the talented breast lady
Sparks_: The freak of nature boobs!!!
Dear_Rob: ugh don't want to see Barbara’s boobs in the movie, that was a very weird description
Kiva: I want to see Rob see the boobs

Good times were had. And next Sunday, April 18th at noon EST, we do it all over again. We'll be discussing chapters 9-17. Yes, we kicked it up a notch...Emeril style. See you Sunday!

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