Friday, April 16, 2010

Sunday's Chat...

Let's meet this Sunday at 1pm EST. We'll discuss chapters 9-17 of Water for Elephants :) See ya soon!

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  1. Hi. Here's my comments for the 9 chapters. :D

    CHAPTER 9:
    Uneventful Rob-wise.
    But the final scene was hilarious with Rosie blasting the guy with water. We also got to see a bit of how controlling & demanding August is and how compassionate Marlena is. The traits I mentioned about August will be important as we get farther into the books.

    CHAPTER 10:
    I have a lot of thoughts about this.
    1.) The dancing in the menagerie was a cute scene. I wouldn't mind seeing Rob & Reese dance together. Love reading about Jacob's urges and his astounding amount of self-control.
    2.) Re: the sex scene in the bushes. Ha! This scene should never make it to screen or else I am definitely NOT stepping foot into the theater. Much as I want to see Robowski shirtless multiple times, I do NOT want to see some random dude's hairy ass in the bushes. *barfs*
    3.) Re: the scene w/ Barbara and Nell. The 23-year-old virgin fails at his first attempt at sex, didn't we all? I dare you all to find a person who was a pro on his first go. I do NOT want to see this. I don't want to see Robowski in a red silk gown, but seeing him full frontal MIGHT compensate for that. *wink wink*
    4.) I pity Rosie for having to be subject to the treatment August is giving her. The horse killing was really disturbing. Were they Marlena's horses or horses from the Fox Brothers' Show? Almost positive this part won't make the final cut due to the probable excessive amount of blood.

    CHAPTER 11:
    1.) The chimp scene is adorable! It'd be great to see a chimp hanging onto Robowski's hip. LUCKY DAMN CHIMP. XD
    2.) I really wanna see the scene where Jacob and Marlena dance together, and Jacob's evening suit. I really really hate August for his excessive amount of jealousy. And Kinko--I mean WALTER--is kinda growing on me.

    CHAPTER 12:
    Marlena showed a lot of character & bravery at the show. I once again pity Rosie because of her punishment and I suspect that Jacob will soon find a way to train Rosie WITHOUT the bull hook, I might add. Slightly relieved that Barbara wasn't as big a bitch as I first made her out to be. Walter's teasing just cracks me up. Reminds me of my best friends teasing me with Rob. XD

    CHAPTER 13:
    I have one solitary thought about this. So if I turn eighty something and I'd been wishing I'd met Rob for who knows how many years, at that time in my life I would have actually believed it already? XD
    Old Jacob is hilarious, but the time jumps between the past and present are beginning to give me a nosebleed. LOL

    CHAPTER 14:
    Jacob and Marlena are too fucking adorable for their own good. Those two should just get together already.
    I feel sorry for Camel. My theory is he's gonna get redlighted later on. :(

    CHAPTER 15:
    1.) I'd love to see Robowski rant about hatred to Walter. Also, very anxious to see who will be cast as Walter. Since he's a bit on the short side, I was thinking Mini Me, Wee Man, or Chuy. XD (Just kidding, btw)
    2.)I have half a mind to take the bull hook and strike August with it where it really matters, if you know what I mean. Sure, he picked up Queenie and chided Uncle Al, but his violence completely overshadows the good deeds he did.

    CHAPTER 16:
    Not remembering in general is a really bad sign of aging.
    Oh shit, I must be getting old then! *gasp* *checks the mirror for wrinkles and liver spots* XD

    CHAPTER 17:
    Unfortunately, I already know that we'll be seeing Robowski kiss Greg. *cringe & barf* I hope the movie producers will soften the blow of that by casting a girl as Greg.
    The act of Rosie was cute, hilarious, not to mention successful. Can't wait to see that on the big screen.

    And that's it for me this week. See you again next week. :)