Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm like a ringleader...

Last Sunday the book club got down to brass tax and tackled some major areas of Water for Elephants. AlohaSD, Natasha, Carolamex2, H2B, Kiva and myself converged to take on chapters 9-18.

Jacob's virginal character has the opportunity for a three-some with Barbara and another skank but he's too drunk to carry anything out...

Krystle: We need to discuss the Barbara, Jacob, Nell sexcapade!!!!!! Thoughts??
AlohaSD: I'm embarrassed for Jacob
Krystle: I was absolutely floored in that chapter!
Natasha: I thought he had an orgasm and instead he puked. OMG that I didn't expect that.
Krystle: me too! He threw up on her! *dying all over again*
Kiva: Yeah, the barf is a mood killer but I think that will be hilarious with Rob.
Natasha: But the question Jacob's pubic hair red/orange?
Krystle: hahaha - we'll never know since Kinko shaved it off!
AlohaSD: And he did that because?
Natasha: Kinko is weird! How in earth did he shave the pubic hair? Did he hold Jacob's peen and balls to shave!?
Krystle: but - my question is....Is Jacob still a virgin?? I'm thinking he is....
H2B: Question... Would you have sex with a guy who just threw up? I wouldn't!
Krystle: How funny/embarrassing was it when August and Marlena thought Jacob needed the doctor for man problems? Did they think Jacob was having erection problems or had an STD??
H2B: Probably thought he knocked up Barbara
Krystle: Good thing he didn't have sex with Barbara. He'd probably be in worse shape than Camel from a chronic STD
AlohaSD: Poor Jacob, get all the flack without the pleasure of sex!

The director of Water for Elephants Francis Lawrence has directed several music videos including....wait for it....Britney Spears' Circus video! ROLL IT....

Hopefully we'll get to see Rob crack some whip in the film ;)

The book club wraps up Water for Elephants this Sunday at noon EST. Be there to enjoy some great people, awesome conversation!

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  1. Hi. :) Unfortunately, I have to be somewhere tomorrow so I can't sleep late. I'll be leaving my comments once again.

    CHAPTER 18:
    I am definitely contemplating striking August with the bull hook now. THAT FUCKER MUST DIE!!! No one makes Robowski bleed and gets away with it. >:(

    CHAPTER 19:
    Aww...poor Old Jacob. :(
    It's hard to lose those who really matter in your life. Take my word for it, I lost a friend last year in a really brutal manner. So whether it be physical or emotional, loss is loss, and it hurts. :((

    CHAPTER 20:
    Ho-lee shit! Finally they get together! WOOT!!! I can't wait to see THIS on screen! All that's going through my head right now is....NAKED ROBOWSKI *THUD*

    CHAPTER 21:
    Well, you girls were right. Jacob shall be a dad quite soon. And Al is a ruthless sonovabitch. That's all I have to say.

    CHAPTER 22:
    Wow. Good to see that August is finally dead (even though that sounds so amoral and harsh). Looking forward to seeing Rosie do that. But I have to say that I happen to know that a fight will break out between August and Jacob before August dies, and the bull hook will be utilized in said fight. :((

    CHAPTER 23:
    It was great that Jacob and Marlena took some of the animals AND that Marlena already has a game plan, and that Jacob's going to take his exams. I love the whole Gertude part. That's going to be hilarious on screen, I can feel it :D

    CHAPTER 24:
    I would pay real good money to see Old Jacob crossing the busy street at senile pace with all the cars and shit like that.

    CHAPTER 25:
    And after fifty or so years, Jacob once again finds himself in the circus. It's great that he got his happy ending and that he won't have to spend his time in that nursing home any longer. Great way to end the book. Hope that this would be how they end the movie as well.

    Until next time,
    Aurora :D